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What a lot of people don't know about Ghent-Authentic is:

1/ We mainly work for corporate clients from all over the world who come to Ghent for business. We design and customize a program just for them and execute it with our own licensed, small group of local guides who guide in an inspiring, passionate and personal way 

2/ we only work with licensed, high-profile guides, based in Ghent! Some are art historians, lawyers, bankers, you name it, but they all have succeeded in the 3 years long, quite tough guiding graduate program (with over 1000 years of architecture in Ghent we have a lot of history, art history, politics to cover :). And they are all specialized in and passionate by Ghent!

3/ All our tours are private, so you decide when and how long the tour will take. All are visits are exclusive, so when you visit the Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece with us, or the impressive recently renovated Book tower, there's nobody else but you in the building which makes it very special!