Ghent-Authentic: Your Personal Tour Guide in Ghent !


'GHENT-AUTHENTIC' is a group of enthusiastic tour guides in Ghent (Belgium) who take tour guiding to a different level.

Besides a wide range of high-quality private customized tours, Ghent-Authentic also takes care of the practical side (where to park the car, walking distances, opening hours etc.) of your visit. We suggest restaurants, bars, shops, places to visit and so on all within your budget and schedule. 

At 'Ghent-Authentic' we get you all set to make the most out of your stay in Ghent.

'SERVICE AND QUALITY': Booking with Ghent-Authentic is choosing for service and quality. Ghent-Authentic only works with high-profile, licensed, local guides who not only speak English fluently but also have the knowledge, experience, personality and flexibility to show you what you are interested in, need, want to experience. 

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Lichtfestival Gent 31/1/2018 - 4/2/2018 

Na de heel succesvolle editie in 2015, wordt de editie 2018 nog groter, verrassender en vernieuwender. Met een quasi verdubbeld parcours is er ruimte voor iedereen om maximaal van de lichtkunstwerken te genieten. De Ghent-Authentic gidsen zullen ook deze editie weer het beste van zichzelf geven. Voor tickets, boekingen en info, hou onze website zeker in de gaten! 

Zondag 10/9/2017: Festival van de architectuur. De Krook voor en achter de schermen. Individuele inschrijvingen mogelijk!

Tijdens het Festival van de Architectuur hebben we de Krook voor ons alleen. In kleine groepjes nemen de Ghent-Authentic gidsen u mee voor en achter de schermen van de Krook. Een unieke kans!


Private customized tours

GHENT-AUTHENTIC tours are always private and customized. Therefore no GHENT-AUTHENTIC tour is ever the same and that's exactly how we like it. So tell us what kind of tour you have in mind and we are happy to make a tour just for you!

Ghent-Authentic is specialized in private customized tours. Not only do we love the challenge of creating the tour you have in mind, above all we want to make a tour that goes beyond your expectations! So challenge us, tell us what kind of tour you have in mind and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Please note that we are making a break from July 21st til July 26th, during which no emails will be answered. Also guides deserve a holiday from time to time :)

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