Meet your guide

Kristel Vereecken: Founder Ghent-Authentic : Dutch/English

After working as a lawyer for over 12 years, I took a sabbatical which would change my life forever. I decided to follow my passions in life which are traveling, writing, speaking and creating new ways of thinking on for instance tour guiding, tourism and travel. In the fall of 2010 I set up my own tour guiding business 'Ghent-Authentic' in my hometown Ghent for those who want to discover Ghent in a more personal and above anything inspiring way. 

Along the way I became an expert guide in the Ghent Altarpiece of Van Eyck. At Ghent-Authentic you can book a private, exclusive visit at the Altarpiece. And who knows, we might meet in person before the Altarpiece :)

Besides that, I live to travel. The movement which goes along with intuitive solo travelling is an addictive abundant source of insights and creativity. The same goes for the to me very inspiring places as New York City and Oxford (UK) where I retreat myself a couple of weeks/months a year. They bring out the best in me :)

In 2017 I gave my first TED Talk 'A square meter of soul' at TedxGhent, which has been translated in several languages.


Marijke Mortier : Dutch/English

Although my professional carreer as a historian lies behind me, history keeps on inspiring me. Not so much the facts and figures of days long time gone, but how history affects the way we live today and defines our culture. How much I love to travel together with my husband all over the world, I gladly come home to give my cute little granddaughter a big hug :)

Martine Vergucht : DUTCH/FRENCH

When I'm not teaching French, I love to tour guide in French as well as in Dutch! The beauty of Ghent keeps on inspiring me. I love to share my passion with people from all over the world. It brings a smile on my face when I see and feel their amazement and awe for Ghent :) 

Kathleen Sempels : Dutch/English

After years living abroad, I touche based again in Ghent. More than that, I am proud to have finished the Ghent guiding programme last year and to share my passion and knowledge about it with you. I'm fond of contemporary architecture, art and hotspots; luckily we have plenty of those ones in Ghent !

Nicole Schuddinck : Dutch/French/German

The city of Ghent can be proud of its exceptional heritage! Nowadays (after a career as a lawyer) I like to show my city with its many cultural, architectural, historical and contemporary treasures to the many visitors from all over the world!

Pol Vanbiervliet : English/French/Dutch

Having finished my professional carreer, I am now fully dedicated to my new passion: helping people to fall in love with Ghent. Don’t expect a boring monologue but rather an entertaining, informative and exciting experience crafted towards your wishes and interests. I want to see the sparkle in your eyes whilst I let you discover and admire our fascinating city.
Thanks to my professional experience with American and French companies I am fluent in English, French and Dutch.

Frederik De Vylder : nederlands/Engels/Duits

After a legal career of 20 years, I decided to gain more in-depth knowledge of my all-time interests of art and history, specifically in how they come together so beautifully in my birthplace Ghent. I love sharing my fascination for this rich and lively city with visitors from all over the world. Thanks to them, Ghent continues to have a close and enriching connection with the rest of the world. I guide in English, Dutch, and German.

Paul Sioncke : English/French/Dutch

What could be better than showing people around my hometown Ghent? After 25 years of working in the business world, I decided to give my life a new direction, and make room for some of my underexploited passions: Ghent, art, history. 
As a certified museum and city guide, I always try to make a personal connection with our clients and inspire them in an interactive and fun way. See you soon!