The short answer : EVERYTHING!

Long answer :

  • THINK GLOBAL, FEEL LOCAL! Whereas regular tours tend to stick to a mere description of the history of the city, GHENT-AUTHENTIC will let you experience the city from the inside out. Where you might have started off the tour as a tourist you will feel like a local before the tour is over!
  • PRIVATE AND CUSTOMIZED: Where regular tours are pre-fixed, GHENT-AUTHENTIC tours are always customized, based on what YOU want to see and do. A change or adjustment is even possible mid-tour!
  • LESS IS MORE: Unlike regular tours, GHENT-AUTHENTIC doesn’t accommodate large groups. GHENT-AUTHENTIC likes to keep it small. The smaller the group the more you can do, see and experience and the more authentic the tour will be. More about this at 'Size Policy'.
  • INTERACTIVE: GHENT-AUTHENTIC tours are always interactive. Instead of one way explanations we like to have two way conversations!
  • SERVICE BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE TOUR: Unlike regular tours, GHENT-AUTHENTIC takes its pride not only in giving you an excellent tour but also in providing you with the best possible service as well BEFORE (we keep regular contact during the pre-tour planning), DURING (you can ask as many questions as you want) and AFTER the tour (tips & tricks to find your favorite spot in town). That way you can make the most out of your stay in Ghent!
  • The GHENT-AUTHENTIC MIX: Unlike regular tours that tend to a plain historical explanation, GHENT-AUTHENTIC tours are always a mix of historical highlights, daily life, picture perfect views, authentic shops, bars, restaurants and tips and tricks to find your favorite spot in town. At 'GHENT-AUTHENTIC' we don't want to limit ourselves to the past as we believe that the authenticity of Ghent lays in the unique combination of a gorgeous historical backdrop, a present vibrant daily life and ambitious projects for the future!

Once booked, the booking is final. Each booking comes with an advance of 50% of the total amount due. In case of cancellation:

-  cancellation: 50% of the price due.

- cancellation within the 2 weeks before the tour: 100% due

There most certainly will be! 

Ghent photographs very well and it would be a pity if you couldn’t take some pictures back home.

By the way do not hesitate to ask the Ghent-Authentic guide to take a picture of you or your group. We are more than happy to help you out!

As we don't like to freeze, get drenched, or melt, we are always prepared to adjust the tour for your comfort and ours, whether it means ducking into the ‘Castle of the Counts’, the cathedral or enjoying a true Belgian waffle in a landmark tea-room!

By the way did you know that the famous Belgian waffles were invented in Ghent?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. However as there are many cobblestone streets in Ghent, stiletto’s might not be the best option.

Most definitely !

Medieval Ghent with its numerous cobblestones, steps and stairs can be quite challenging with a wheel chair. Nevertheless we found a way to do it!

We created a tour that takes you by the most 'comfortable' squares, alleys and pavements in that respect that you don't have to miss out on anything the city has to offer.

Tested and approved !