What you should know about COVID-19's impact on Ghent

What you should know about COVID-19 ’s impact on Ghent

In Ghent life goes on as usual, all public spaces (eg. musea, the Saint-Bavo Cathedral and the Ghent Altarpiece ) remain open for public. All events will take place as scheduled (however the capacity is now limited to 1000 persons).  So everyone is still more than welcome in Ghent. Of course we take our precautions, as also for you: 

• Wash your hands regularly

• Always use paper tissues. Dispose of the tissues immediately after use and throw them away in a closed dustbin

• If you don’t have a tissue handy, sneeze or cough into the crease of your elbow 

• If you have flu-like symptoms, stay home!

For all the latest information and FAQ on the Covid-19 virus in Belgium we gladly refer to the website of our government: https://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/

What we do at Ghent-Authentic

We keep organizing all our spring tours most of which are outdoor walks. However our guides will not shake your hand, nor can you hug Or kiss them any more at the end of the tour ;)

If you however don’t feel comfortable travelling to Ghent and you have booked a tour already, we gladly reschedule your tour to a date/time of your liking and this without extra charge.